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Is your next solo album going to feature a picture of you look saucily over a pair of glasses?

He did previously reluctantly dabble in agony aunt advice, being asked how best to approach a crush in an interview in 2013."If you’re really, really, really, really shy, which is what I was at that age," he said.

"How about just write him a note, if you can’t bear to talk to him.

has reported that there is not only an inexplicable image of the British musician but the American novel writer John Updike is also featured on the manual's cover. Tara Mc Ginley posted the piece to the popular culture website, and wrote "I know when I ponder marital and sexual problems, my mind immediately goes to Thom Yorke and John Updike.

It appears that Thom Yorke has 'one of those faces' - and by 'one of those faces' we mean 'one of those faces that lends itself to odd medical treatment and suchlike.' The Radiohead frontman's visage has been spotted in two unlikely places in recent days - on the cover of an Iranian sex manual that translates to "Marital and Sexual Problems in Men", and on a billboard in Russia that is advertising medical treatment for "insomnia, fatigue, skin problems, cold, attention deficit disorder, and headaches." Twitter user @local_stigmatic posted the picture of the latter, which you can see below: The Iranian manual was allegedly spotted three years ago in a book shop in Iran, and the cover can be seen below.

PIZZA shop workers who sexually abused and exploited teenage girls and plied them with drugs are facing long jail terms after one of the most complex sex abuse inquires ever carried out by Essex Police.

An eight-week trial came to an end at Chelmsford Crown Court on Friday when jurors delivered their verdicts on five men accused of being part of a gang that drugged, raped and forced teenage girls into prostitution.

In Iran for 25 years, the ruling mullahs have enforced humiliating and sadistic rules and punishments on women and girls, enslaving them in a gender apartheid system of segregation, forced veiling, second-class status, lashing, and stoning to death. Exact numbers of victims are impossible to obtain, but according to an official source in Tehran, there has been a 635 percent increase in the number of teenage girls in prostitution.

The magnitude of this statistic conveys how rapidly this form of abuse has grown.

When Rostami was bored of the girl, he handed her to Mehdi Zare, who continued the sexual exploitation by taking her to other Iranian men.


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