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This strategy will help those with ill spouses and/or ill parents too.Validation is mentioned in Marsha Linehan’s Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).Others may feel threatened due to 1000 reasons (none of which are acceptable).

I don't know if this will solve your problem exactly but it may help others who are also perplexed by this issue.

A Montreal couple unknowingly invalidated their children’s passports with a stroke of a pen, a simple mistake that added thousands to the cost of their winter getaway.

Finally, people like parents may be worried about the life you're going to have (if any of these things is atypical), and they may feel like you won't be happy (although I am sure you know otherwise).

If they invalidate your identity, they could just be trying to protect you (in a very weird way). Those that don't understand often feel the need to invalidate information that doesn't match up with their perception of someone else.

Stranded at the gate, the airline directed them to a government hotline where they could book an appointment to apply for two emergency passports. Desperate to salvage the vacation, the family of four was forced to rebook their flights.

What was supposed to be a cheap trip ended up costing nearly ,000. So immigration stuff has no secrets for me.” Frenois and Delambre admit the incident was their fault. They didn’t give any assistance.” The couple said their children travelled to Cuba nine months earlier on the same passports, but on a different carrier.However, with time, many people like this see that you're actually happy, and realize there was no need to expect you to be someone else. It's not you personally, it's their world-view and the lens in which they view things.It's not you, what you think, or what you feel that's invalid as emotions are valid, normal things.Muriel Frenois and Gilbert Delambre were looking forward to a budget-friendly trip to Cuba with their two adopted sons.But when an Air Canada employee spotted signatures written by the parents on the young boys’ passports, they were told the documents were invalid and they would not be allowed to fly.The question is, exactly are Caribbean parents so quick to dismiss their childrens' emotions?


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