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The sound associated with the mehterân exercised an influence on European classical music, with such composers as Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven all writing compositions inspired by or designed to imitate the Ottoman music. Marching songs, typically with patriotic and sometimes nostalgic lyrics, are often sung by soldiers as they march.

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With the onset of Yung Lean’s popularity, it became clear that hip-hop’s influence reached further than many initially thought.

The Swedish star didn’t really offer a clear indication of Swedish hip-hop was really like, instead providing a distorted take on America’s woozier rap artists.

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SUPERSONIC BLUES MACHINE isn’t just a band; it’s a mood, a comradeship, a melting pot of ideas with like minded people bringing their own unique talents to create something with feeling that is very organic.

She loves rock 'n' roll: Joan Jett herself said of Kristen's talents during filming at the time - 'She’s singing. And during the filming, she was playing guitar''We went through it.

I showed her the positions that I play - because some guitar players will use different hand positions on the boards - so I showed her how I played it, and she picked it up really well...Now, it's named 'Donald Trump.' Maybe you should pay me a lot of money, but it just did over 20 million people, tuning into Mac Miller. But the 'Donald Trump' song just hit over 20 million, that's not so bad.Life goals: In an interview on Nylon magazine's website, Kristen Stewart has revealed she has been playing a lot of guitar and singing this year, but that the idea of branching out into music is 'intimidating'The American Ultra star went on to express her fears about branching out into new territory, away from the silver screen where she has honed her craft to become one of the biggest movie stars of her generation."We're glad that Trump's got the money because he can't be bought."Democratic strategist Maria Cardona, a former senior adviser to the 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign, told CNN that "Unlike Mitt Romney, who didn't know how to talk about his wealth [in 2012] and who didn't know how to put it in a context of how his wealth didn't matter ...Donald Trump absolutely embraces his [it]." "A lot of people are calling me about the Mac Miller rap song. Probably, it's not the cleanest language you've ever heard ...And so far, this just might be his greatest political asset."People know Donald Trump and they're used to seeing that kind of attitude and swagger with him," Lanhee Chen, a Republican strategist and former policy adviser to Mitt Romney, said.

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