Interracial dating questionnaires

People who share common backgrounds and similar social networks are better suited as marriage partners than people who are very different in their backgrounds and networks. Women have a significantly better chance of marrying if they do not become single parents before marrying.

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Blacks with other races increased a whopping 124% during this same period.

Please share your thoughts, opinions and experiences with interracial dating and relationships by responding to Edition III of the Ask Heart Beat. Originally created and posted in 1999, this survey is now in its third publication. Com Interracial Dating Survey, its questions, content and results are copyrighted intellectual property of Deborrah Cooper and Ask Heart Beat.

Despite the growing numbers of potential marriage partners with children, one study noted, “having children is still one of the least desirable characteristics a potential marriage partner can possess.” The only characteristic ranked lower is the inability to hold a steady job. Women and men who are college-educated are more likely to marry, and less likely to divorce, than people with lower levels of education.

Predictions of lifelong singlehood for college-educated women have proven false.

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