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It gives off a pure vibe, like being closer to natural matter- wind, fire, mud, trees, and everything un-void.

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is a 1939 Techicolor film starring Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert, and directed by John Ford.

The movie opens with the wedding of Gilbert and Lana Martin in Albany, New York, in 1776.

However, The American Revolution has broken out, and Gilbert has joined a New York militia company.

A local Tory, Caldwell (John Carradine) leads his force of Mohawk Indians to the Martin farm, which they burn to the ground.

Flourished with esteemed feathers for each act of bravery, the Indian headdress holds great value and is pegged as a medal of honor.

Each piece of feather is gifted with a spiritual significance that’s why they used elements from animals such as fur, hide, leather, and feathers - elements that possess life.

With their farm in ashes, Gil and Lana get jobs working the farm of a local widow. The war is still raging, and Gil's militia outfit goes off to fight the enemy.

Half of them are annihilated at the Battle of Oriskany, but Gil survives and makes it back to Lana.

Our medieval helmets come in a wide variety of styles, but they most specifically focus on the traditional helmets that were favored by first knights, and later, most cavalry and infantry soldiers who sought to keep themselves protected from the weapons of war in their age.

The most common type of medieval helmet is the great helmet, which was also known by several other names, including the pot helmet, the sugar loaf helmet, and more.

You may be seduced by the dramatic play of colors streaked on Indian headdresses you see in Coachella or Instagram because they seem like trippy eye-candies depicting the teeming Native American culture.


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