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The practice is a black or white issue, as one seems to be either for it or against it. Some volunteered to the pollster that Christians invented incest so people would not have to look hard for a lover, while others said they just copied it right out of the old testament despite the Jews owning the copyright to the bible and having Satan on the companies retainer as a high power copyright attorney. God, with his degrees in anthropology and evolutionary biology and psychology, stated with academic authority that, "Humans have inherited vestigial behavioral hand me downs such as incest and pedophilia from the promiscuous great apes they evolved from.

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There is also deep and thoughtful vocal opposition from most non christian people who state their opinion on the matter by vomiting.

The true Christians who know that there is nothing wrong with it claim that it strengthens genetic trends in the nuclear family, and reinforces awesome evolutionary modifications within the gene pool, like the ability to shoot web, be covered in blue fur, climb walls or have a pronounced lower lip and tongue that makes it difficult to swallow.

Thirdly, and oddly, people exclaim it’s “just” repugnant.

In my time teaching students about making choices, especially moral ones, based on sound reasoning and evidence, we often range into areas many have not thoroughly considered.

The science rationale against incest is that inbreeding between close family members tend to produce mutants instead of bland, uninteresting people.

The practice also is known for producing other undesirable defects such as Testicles on the chin and penis on the forehead.

I initially created this blog as a place to post my incest fantasy stories that were removed from Lush, and I’d like to extend the invitation to any other Lush writers who had their work removed to consider sharing their lost stories here with us.


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