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A woman’s sexuality in India has long been the subject of controversy and control with judgments made on her clothes, on her occupying public space at night, on her romantic and sexual history and on whether she smokes or drinks, a sign of western influence.

At a hearing in Rajasthan state’s high court Wednesday, judge Mahesh Chandra Sharma urged India’s government to declare the cow — considered sacred in Hindu-majority India — as the national animal since it is “as pious as a peacock“. Sharma’s comments, made in response to an NGO’s petition on the condition of state-run cow shelters, sparked a flurry of jokes and comments on social media.

The peahen gets pregnant after swallowing the tears of the peacock,” Sharma said on his last day in office before retiring.

At 15, when I was going blind, my father’s friend, a doctor, suggested that my father hide my eye disorder from the world because in three years’ time I wouldn’t have lost too much of my sight and he could then, without disclosure, marry me off when I was legal.

Once the world knew that a girl was blind, no one would have her; as if marriage is the ultimate goal, as if consent and choice cease to exist if you are a disabled woman. In 2007, India signed the UN convention on rights of persons with disabilities; in 2016, it passed the ‘rights of persons with disabilities bill’ which is a relatively progressive act including some new gender specific clauses; and women with disabilities are now recognised and accepted, however reluctantly, by both the disability and women’s rights movements – whereas before they seemed to slip through the cracks.

Early local media reports claimed that the government had recommended that women avoid sex for the duration of their pregnancies."This is far from the truth," the ministry said.

"In fact, the words 'no sex' do not feature at all in the booklet."The booklet contains general guidelines for pregnant women, which are based on the principles and concepts of Yoga & Naturopathy. It is now widely accepted across the world that practice of Yoga under expert supervision can be immensely beneficial to the expecting mother."Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his love of yoga, and in recent years, the government has pushed to raise the practice's prominence."In India, there's always a tension between traditional and evidence-based approaches to medicine," said Dr.The government last week prohibited the sale and purchase of cattle for slaughter across India, sparking protests in states where beef is eaten.The slaughter of cows, as well as the possession or consumption of beef, is banned in most but not all Indian states.In his 145-page order, Sharma cites Hindu scriptures to bolster his case — listing the “miraculous” age-defying qualities of cow dung and urine.“(Mother cow) is the only animal that inhales as well as exhales oxygen,” he said.Visit us and sign in to update your profile, receive the latest news and keep up to date with mobile alerts.


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