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Mais j’aime Eli et sa tête de pigeon ^^ Soohyun c’est le mec qui prévois tout, qui fait de beau événement pour sa copine et tout…mais c’est pas original =_= En comparaison au couple Al Shin de We Got married, le niveau de romantisme de Soohyun reste raplapla… Aaaaaaaah je regrette ce couple XD Enfin bref Soohyun et Yura sont cute ensembles mais c’est pas encore l’amour fou et puis ça fait plus film romantique déjà vu et revu qu’autre chose.The media outlet claimed that the two had been dating for 9 months, going on vacation with each other, and Son Ho Young showing his support by showing up at the announcer's graduation.

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After that, they started to fell each other and started dating. Some fans still love them because of their good relationship.

est de former des couples de célébrités (sauf pour le couple Hwang Eun Jung et Kim Young Joon qui était déjà en couple) et de les faire vivre une vie de jeunes mariés avec des missions diverses et variées. J’ai été scotché aux différentes aventures des couples de la première saison tels que Al Shin (Alex des Clazziquai/Shinae), Ant couple (Seo In Young / Crown J), Sangchu couple (Kim Hyun Joong des SS501 / Hwangbo)…

Son Ho Young's agency responded, "It's true they did date with good feelings for one another, but they started meeting less and less and drifted apart.

They are now just good friends and no longer a couple." "everyone is okay being all chummy with their exes" ...

In May 2016, Uee and Lee Sang Yoon confirmed their dating news.

They were actually met for the first time on the red carpet Mnet Asia Music Awards 2015 and met again on another event in early 2016. Their 'marriage' last about 1 year 3 months and initially leave the show in 2011.If you're interested on this fanfic and thinking of reposting it any where else you have to have both writer and translator for a permission. Not only because they're so cute together, but i personally liked each of them since long ago. they could practice for a romance by join this show.)It would have been more fun if it was just Min Ho and Hye Sun together but they had to bring Kim Bum along! Before it was Kim Joon who tagged along with Min Ho in Hye Sun's art exhibit... As usual, I'll just post my fave pics from the net.... Knowing that she still smile and laughing hiding all the things she's been trough, all she can do is make a line... Until she finally gave up and decide, whatever happened in the future...


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