Melatu sexchat - Husband chats about sex

He gets bored so easily that trying to satisfy him feels like mission impossible.He demands sex at least twice a day, every day, without any concern for whether I am tired, sick or even in the mood. New positions, sexy outfits, bondage, role-playing, whips and chains, sex in public, threesomes - you name it, we've done it. And that isn't even the end of it, my husband watches so much porn that it simply has to be pathological.How disgustingly humiliating must it have been for the intern who walked in on that???

I asked him if he really thought he had a problem, he said that he does think he does, he wants to get help before he loses his family.

Says that he isnt gay, or attracted to men at all or curious in any way...confused about that one..

As many of you know, the internet has changed the game of cheating.

Although it has made cheating easier, it has also made getting caught easier.

In the past I have found him sending pics of himself to people online, and we have had huge blow outs over it.I thought this was over, its been 4 years since i have found anything .

We have been together for 9 years married for almost 3 we just had a baby shes 4 months.... I confronted him, he swares that hes never had sex, or any contact with anyone ever.

I recently have discovered that my husband was IMing a girl on facebook that he knew, she was also married, they were talking about sending pics to eachother, and she asked what he wanted to see, and basically he described different positions he wanted her in, and just a bunch of nasty crap.

Then I found an email acct he has that I didnt know about , found he was posting personals on cragislist.

Just like there are different kinds of cheaters, I also think there are different types of online affairs.

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