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The Wiyot people lived in Jaroujiji (Wiyot: "where you sit and rest"), now known as Eureka, for thousands of years prior to European arrival.

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Listed are maps that for the most part are at a scale of 0,000 or smaller.

For site specific studies see the indexes to geologic mapping typically included with these maps and the Indexes and Guides to California geologic mapping.

I lived all over Arcata and was still only a 30 minute walk to campus.

Fun facts: the town only has 4 bars, the center of town lacks electric stop lights, and on a summer night, one can literally lay in the streets and look up at the stars.

Further, the school is locked between the beautiful ocean and vast, historical redwoods.

It is an open minded school with a student oriented atmosphere.

The Ferndale Museum shows visitors the clothing, furniture, farm machinery, logging tools and photographs of the town’s earlier days. For more information, call (707) 442-6552 or visit: Hamilton Barn Environmental Campground Baxter Environmental Campground Albee Creek Campground Cuneo Creek Horse Camp California Federation of Womens Clubs Grove Campground Marin Garden Club Grove Campground Burlington Campground Williams Grove Group Campground Hidden Springs Campground Six Rivers National Forest Headquarters in Eureka 707-442-1721 Nearly 1 million acres. Park entrances are along Hwy 199, Hwy 96, Hwy 36 and Hwy 299 – all run thru the Six Rivers National Forest – Hwy 101 runs parallel.

Stretches southward from the Oregon border for over 140 miles, 4 different counties, largest portion is in Humboldt County. One of the oldest state parks in California is Richardson Grove State Park which is also the location for the first redwoods spotted by Northbound travelers.

The ornate homes built by successful dairy farmers became known as “butterfat palaces.” The town has a fascinating array of specialty shops, restaurants, bakeries, galleries and inns, as well as a market, tavern and dry goods store.


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