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Girls and Classic Car Advertisements This awesome photo blogs has tons of old photos of classic car ads featuring beautiful women. Sexy girls and classic old-school cars Cool gallery from Uncoached.

The Wheelsmith, the world leader in custom hot rod and wire wheel manufacturing has a 20,000 sq. We also have a complete line of accessories and appareal.

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The site below, under "DATING CONTEMPORARY FENDER AMPLIFIERS", tells how to read the code. The sticker looks like this, and should be inside the cab somewhere.

How To Get A Hot Rod Title In Michigan How To Get A Hot Rod Title In Michigan Newly pregnant, I was relegated towards the courtyard to stop the fumes.

Lowrider Magazine These guys have appreciated the beauty of a great car and a hot girl for years, and their web site lives up to the reputation of the magazine. Fast Cool Cars Tons of great car photos with hot chicks.

Dashboard News - Girls and Cars This car blog has excellent news and analysis, but you'll also find some great girl and car photos on this thread.

Autos | Carfax | Auto Web | Auto Trader | Kelley Blue Book | Car and Driver Cars Home / Stuff to Buy Channel / Bullz-Eye Home Put a beautiful girl next to a hot sports car and you’ve really got something.


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  2. Her mother, Sister Patterson, found the ring and said it was too small.

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