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The timing of these will be determined by the offering documents.Talk with the hedge fund service providers A manager should first contact his hedge fund attorney to inform him of the plans to close down the fund.Asian hedge funds have also struggled, with investors withdrawing a net billion this year through the end of July, the data show, bringing total assets in the region to .3 billion.

The lawyer will be able to help guide the manager through the process and will be able to help with any issues which may arise.

The auditor, broker and administrator should also be contacted so that these service providers can begin their own processes for winding the fund down.

The Madoff investment scandal was a major case of stock and securities fraud discovered in late 2008.

In December of that year, Bernard Madoff, the former NASDAQ Chairman and founder of the Wall Street firm Bernard L.

But notes liquidations are coming stating: We expect HF liquidations in 2016 to rise to 12% from a recent historical average of 10%, given the performance challenges of 2015 and early 2016.

Additionally, if 2016 HF performance continues at, or falls below, the annualised 1Q16 / 2H15 levels, the industry may face a reduction in AUM as net new flows are unlikely to be additive.

The hedge fund caught up in a New York City municipal union kickback scandal is now liquidating two of its funds, The Post has learned.

Up to now it was believed that Platinum Partners, which allegedly paid the union president ,000 in return for getting a million investment, was liquidating just one of its funds.

Schwartz is going to oversee a total investigation that will include verifying assets and investment positions, reviewing inter-company transfers, and verifying ownership interests, according to the letter.

is liquidating a Japan-focused hedge fund after investors withdrew money following poor performance, according to people familiar with the matter, adding to the list of casualties as the industry suffers its biggest outflows since 2009.

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