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Test and excavation showed a continuous archaeological sequence, especially in much cultural material of Hemudus 2 stages at the Cihu, Xiangshan and Zishan excavations within 10 km of Hemudu (1).

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Here, we first use phytolith dating to constrain the initial occupation of Shangshan, an important site with early rice remains located in the Lower Yangtze region of China.

We then identify the rice phytoliths of Shangshan as partly domesticated based on their morphological characteristics.

– Ask any Chinese person about Hangzhou and Suzhou, and he will unabashedly declare them “paradise on Earth.” The pride might have originated from on old adage dating back to the Song dynasty: “Heaven is above and Hangzhou and Suzhou are below.” This indeed serves as perfect description of China’s two most picturesque cities.

It might seem difficult to separate the two at first – both run a parallel track in Chinese history: they flourished during the Tang and Song Dynasties, and were home to many great scholars – but nowadays they offer characteristically different experiences for the traveler.

Chronicled by poets and loved by Emperors, the West Lake has captured the Chinese imagination for centuries.

With ancient pagodas, stony arched bridges and willow-lined banks set against the backdrop of mist-covered hills, the West Lake draws you in like a Chinese ink painting.

Together with the Six Harmonies Pagoda, an imposing Buddhist relic, Hangzhou’s spiritual side is revealed.

In western Hangzhou, Xixi National Wetland Park is just 6 kilometers from downtown and 5 kilometers from West Lake.

Some origins of Chinese paddy rice, with different opinions among academics, are the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, South China and lower Yangtze and Yellow River Valleys.

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