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(CBC) Angela Mac Ivor is CBC Nova Scotia's investigative reporter.

She has been with CBC for 10 years, as a reporter and producer in all three Maritime provinces. Send an email to [email protected] Nova Scotia woman is one of the latest victims to fall for an elaborate online scam that targets the heartstrings of Canadians looking for love.

Dartmouth and its neighbouring city of Halifax, the town of Bedford and the Municipality of the County of Halifax were dissolved.

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The official place name did not change, due to the confusion with similar street names, land use planning set out by the former "City of Dartmouth," and significant public pressure.

Today the same development planning for Downtown Dartmouth and the rest of the region is still in force, as well as specific bylaws created prior to April 1, 1996.

want to fall in love with that one person who will love me right back! He knows that happiness does not come from things, but from inside himself.

I'm bright, energetic, and have a My names Jordan, I'm 19 and a high school graduate. I'm from the south shore and love to hunt and fish.

“I’ve had people contact me saying, ‘I want a black slave.’ I’ve had people address me as ‘Hey nigger,’ and other derogatory things.” Ferguson’s experiences aren’t unique.

Prejudice and the fetishizing of other races remain an ugly part of the dating world for people of colour, and can be just as prevalent in the queer community. That’s hot,’ or ‘Mixed girls have the best of both worlds,’ or ‘Not to be racist, but I’d only ever date someone who’s half-black and not full-on, it’s just an attraction thing.’” Thomas points out this has actually made it easier for her to date as she can quickly narrow down her choices.

Lynda Mc Lean Simmons recently lost ,000 to an online scam that targets people looking for love on popular dating sites.


  1. In states like California and Maine, which have focused on getting their poor citizens into jobs programs, about two-thirds of those eligible still receive welfare.

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