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Your favorite Food Network stars reveal their best-kept, most-intimate, guilty-pleasure secrets for the first time ever! oc=linkback Channel: Food Network Air Date: Summer 2015 Friday PM Your favorite Food Network stars reveal their best-kept, most intimate, Guilty Pleasure secrets!

Discover how Anne Burrell satisfies her sweet tooth, how Alex Guarnaschelli gets her brunch on with a bacon coffee cake.

Don’t you get enough well-balanced, healthy meals throughout the year?

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And host Ryan Devlin is there through it all, always prepared to be the voice of reason and call contestants out on their shit.

But what really makes the one to watch (LOL) is just how wrapped up you’ll get in the drama of it all, as you try to figure out the perfect matches yourself.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about Snoop Dogg as a person from working with him? I make up all the cocktails and I feed them to Snoop, who’s not really a drinker, so he gets totally drunk off of them. Do you care about whether or not the person is a good cook or keeps a clean house? It’s more like, how much time do I want to spend with that particular person? He had to go somewhere afterward, and I had to go somewhere after. Another one is to build the best fire and use the best grill you can afford. At my friend's house growing up they had white bread, which was so delicious, and we’d slather that with "sandwich spread"—mayonnaise with relish in it. There was also an Irish family that lived across the street, and I remember the baked potatoes that sat on top of the gas stove with a thick, insulated bottom.

He has an intense sense of loyalty to the people he works with, to his friends—he has an amazing number of friends. I make the best bourbon sour, the best margaritas, really good saketinis, and kir royales, but Caipirinhas are my favorite drink. It wasn’t a first date, but it was like a second or third date. My guilty pleasure is not at all interesting: It's a spoon of really good organic peanut butter, or a slice of American cheese from my housekeeper’s drawer. We weren't allowed to have soda in my house, but my friend Peggy's father worked for Coca-Cola, so we would sneak over to her house and have a glass full of ice with Coca-Cola and a big, big swirl of Reddi-wip on top.

In theory, the premise is simple: producers cast 11 women and 11 men and put them through an extensive matchmaking process and each is assigned a compatible match.

Then, all 22 are thrown together in a gorgeous house in the Dominican Republic and are tasked with determining which person is their “perfect match.” If the entire cast can correctly pair up with their predetermined soulmate, they split a million dollars, hopefully leaving with love and a ton of money.

No, whether you are at a party or in the vestibule of your church, you can easily wave a cookie in one hand and a drink in the other and people won’t judge. All year long I fill up my calendar and show up on time.

The antidote for this schedule on steroids is a pajamathon.

It’s heartbreaking when you’re rooting for one couple and find out it’s not meant to be.

On the contrary, you feel a sense of relief when a toxic couple learns they’re not a match.

It’s a lot less surprising once you learn The Magnolia State has the least access to high-speed internet in the nation. It’s no wonder almost all these states top list for average minutes per day spent in front of the TV. When you’re looking for love, it’s best to be surrounded by people doing the same.


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