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At the same time, male same-sex, status-defined relationships were tolerated so long as the sexually subordinate partner was lower status and the relationship took place in private spaces (houses, palaces) rather than public ones (parks and gardens).

No word yet on what the punishments are actually going to be, but based on Iranian legal precedents it’s not looking good.

The system is so religiously conservative that, if accused of multiple extramarital affairs, a person can be stoned to death.

If you divorce, in a culture where employment rates of women are very low, if your family of origin doesn’t take you back, you’re in a really dire situation. On the one hand, they want love-based marriages, but they still haven’t given up on traditional norms about women’s behavior. JA: In the Quran, male homosexuality is a punishable sin but female homosexuality is not mentioned.

Punishment for male homosexuality was rarely carried out, say in the 19 century.

Iran has unblocked access to Gmail as of October 1; Google’s popular worldwide email service was placed under a HTTPS block on September 24.

But while Iranian Internet users can now use Gmail securely, the Iranian government has announced plans to enact stricter censorship of You Tube.

It’s women who are breaking barriers and taking risks, but in many parts of the country a woman who has a dating relationship before marriage becomes quite vulnerable if the community finds out.

These love-based marriages are sometimes fragile compared to an arranged marriage, where the entire community backs it.

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