Glif dating

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Glif dating

The site is owned by Global Personals (one of the biggest dating companies around) - they should be ashamed of themselves running this fake site. I myself have been a member of Gilf Dates and had a really enjoyable time to say the least I was on the site for about 4 months or so, and in that time met with a few men under 30 (i'm 57).

I warn everyone out there to AVOID Gilfdates at all costs should you consider signing up to it. I agree that sometimes you don't get a reply from people - I've been in that situation also!

You wont receive a famous of all singles need to drop the ball on a higher.

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As a female member of this dating site though, I was absolutley inundated with messages from men before I managed to even get a picture up!!

I guess make up your own mind about it, but I wouldn't go as far as saying avoid it...

You hear nothing and you get replies that don't make sense in relation to messages that I have sent.

Very disappointed with this site and I won't be using it once my subscription lapses.

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