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However, Manny's personality was commonly depicted as being uncaring toward his son and former wife in the few appearances that he made, before his death in one episode of kidney disease.Host of the Seventh Annual Florida Sports Awards on Saturday, June 8, 2002 live from Jacksonville's Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts.His children - there is simply not enough about them in the show.

But a change of career is always an option: The Lopez Tonight star recently appeared on the Good Morning America chat show and joked about running for the mayor of Los Angeles.

Although he didn't believe he would ever get past the background check.'I am going to run for—although I don't believe I'll pass the background check now—I do intend to run for mayor, at some point,' he dead-panned.'I want to be mayor of Los Angeles!

In Season 2 Episode 14 "The Valentine's Day Massacre", as well as in many other episodes, it is mentioned that George and Angie went to (and dated) at the same school in California.

However, when Angie's dad Vic moves to California it is insinuated that Angie was raised in Florida as Vic was born in Miami.

WHAT IT'S ABOUT George Lopez-hosted dating game show in which 30 women are lined up at podiums and asked to choose whether they want to date a bachelor who's trotted out for their inspection.

If they don't like the guy, they press a button and the light goes out on their podium.

Other characters include Angie's indulgent father Vic Palmero, a wealthy doctor, and George's closest childhood friend Ernie Cardenas, noted for his fecklessness at dating and his socially awkward behavior.

After Carmen's departure from the series, the role fulfilled by her character was replaced with Angie's overindulged niece Veronica, with a large trust fund that has been entrusted under George's care.

Both parties claim the split was amicable and by mutual agreement, and the talk show host seems ready to move on.

Wearing a plunging skin-tight black dress and a fur coat, Lopez's companion seemed delighted by the attention she was getting as they left a restaurant together.

Grandma (Belita Moreno) comes through with razor sharp comments - that catch you laughing when you least expect it.

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