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Highland Principal Chris Jenson said the handouts weren’t written by a teacher at the school, but taken from the state’s curriculum database, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.Mark Peterson, a spokesman for the Utah Board of Education, said the materials for the assignment are being removed for the website. Oxborrow said she shared the handout on social media to highlight the dangers of the assignment in addition to its heteronormative tone and clear gender bias.“If you’re trying to figure out where you stand with your gender identity and then you get an assignment like this, it puts our kids at risk,” she told the Salt Lake Tribune.

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In countries with greater gender equality, the review states, people are less concerned with how much (or how little) their romantic partners conform to traditional gender roles.

Using gender stereotypes as an example, men tend to be less concerned with looks and women are less concerned with money in countries with higher equality between the sexes.

“Teachers should be a reliable source of information,” the 16-year-old said.

Alex Dang is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Computer Engineering and Economics at the University of Maryland.

The current divorce rate, hovering at around 50 percent for new marriages and more than that for second and third ones, clearly tells us that whatever may have worked before is no longer working.

Having worked with couples for over four decades, I strongly believe that the partners in committed relationships who have had the courage to challenge rigid role expectations are doing better in every other area of their relationship.In countries with less gender equality like South Korea and Turkey, for instance, women are twice as likely to desire a partner who makes more than they do compared with women in the United States and Finland.In fact, the review showed that some expectations have actually reversed.To study dating behaviors like this, researchers have used the somewhat unique experience of speed dating. Speed-dating is a structured way for daters to meet a lot of people quickly.The typical speed-dating event features women sitting at various locations around a room, often a coffee shop or bar, while men circulate and chat with each female for a few minutes.Sandy Weiner, dating expert and founder of Last First, suggests that as people age, their hormone levels change as well and traditional gender roles soften and blur.


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