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I write about social skills, so I looked for a relationship advice column for men. There are some on meeting women, but not on the relationship.The Wikipedia page on advice columns listed eighteen advice columnists.

The image presented was originally of an older woman dispensing comforting advice and maternal wisdom, hence the name "aunt".

An advice columnist can also be someone who gives advice to people who send in problems to the newspaper.

The advice column format is question and answer: a (usually anonymous) reader writes to the media outlet with a problem in the form of a question, and the media outlet provides an answer or response.

The responses are written by an advice columnist (colloquially known in British English as an agony aunt, or agony uncle if the columnist is male).

With Spencer being 30 year’s Fry’s junior a fury of speculation and insinuation flared up among the media and on social networks.

Of course, for those of us who’ve been in age different relationships this is not surprising, but it certainly is disheartening.

Most advice columns for men seem to be about things advertised in men’s magazines—grooming, clothes, fashion, alcohol, and cars.

“The gentleman’s guide to the perfect martini” or “Your grandfather wouldn’t wear white after Labor Day and neither should you.” Almost none are serious, instead favoring haughty or snarky humor.

It is well argued reflection on and refutation of the tropes and stereotypes found in discussion of gay men in age different relationships. Written in the form of an open letter to the parents of his significant other, it asks those parents to examine not only the fears they have but also the potential good of their son having an older partner.


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