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When I sign onto any of my networking, non-dating sites, I don’t want to have to worry about politely refusing whatever comes out of the woodwork. I’ve been on plenty of dating websites, and I’m not knocking them. Thanks for knowing what I’m talking about so I feel less like a self-righteous arrogant *itch.

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Comments from the old blog: I totally agree with you.

While I am and have been a part of dating websites before, nothing is more frustrating then getting mating calls on non-dating websites.

I am not here to date, nor do I want to participate in a dating website.

It’s great that this site allows us to network with a greater percentage of like-minded people, and of course more of us will be attracted to each other because of that.

Let’s let things happen on their own, in the background, and allow the more important messages of: saving our own souls, improving the lives of those we touch, making our planet brighter, and humanity more hopeful, allow those kinds of things to take precedence.

Did a female head the committee to make this happen? Lots of unrelated things that were physically and monetarily small, but item after item was another example of how he had been paying attention. I pulled out my absolute favourite soap: Bee & Flower sandalwood.

He has previously shared some of his spiritual journey through talks and workshops, but now he offers a unique book-and-CD combination that explores his fascinating path and creates an opportunity for just about anyone to experience chanting in a unique and special way.

John picks up the fascinating story of his personal journey.

Wallop inspiration and best way to their learn and share some of life partner for a long term investment in your soulmate relationship rather than a person.


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  4. More and more people in the UK are getting conned out of large sums of money by scammers on dating services.

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