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" "So what are you gonna do if it really is Kai and Krsytal," and, "Hue nice of them to have sex at a hotel I'm jealous." I'm not a fan of exo but I do know Kai..that man in the picture wasn't him... They just finished a worldwide concert tour and are resting up for a big –CEO Youngmin: Who out of that group did we find fit to date publicly in case we needed a media diversion? They fit our ideal couple and they have no scandals or schedules right now. Helpful Employee Connected with Dispatch #2: Actually Your Grace, we had to pay the outlet off.

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Now that the danger has passed and they’re back to reality, though, will their love go the distance?

Actress Jenna Rosenow, 23, says her alter ego could be heading for heartbreak.“Amber is a little naïve; she’s looking for that perfect guy, that perfect relationship,” she says.

Allkpop if you want to trick us with this picture at least do some Photoshop.. If it was bad, you told them you would look into it right? They were free to date our ideal choices any time they wished so long as they kept it within the company. The two did a photoshoot along with SHINee’s Taemin a while ago last year, and the public agreed with it well. We thought next month would be a good time anyway, since we plan on debuting that boy group next month too –CEO Youngmin: That is what I like to hear.

But still tho Kristal and Kai relationship is not my business..whether they date or not I don't really care... Stall as much as you can make sure they get nowhere. What can we do to keep this quiet in the public sphere? CEO Youngmin: Well one of those is a traitor and we already used the other one. They enjoyed seeing the aesthetics between the two. Give the public the dating revelation they want to hear. Hype us up so we can debut our boy group (they are a boy group right?

– Her best friends are miss A’s Min, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, and Ailee.

– Amber’s ideal type is a guy who looks cool but cute when he smiles.The couple had been midway through a row about Daniel’s ex-girlfriend when the tornado hit, but as they sheltered in a garage to ride out the storm the life-and-death situation brought them closer together.So much so that Daniel spontaneously proposed to Amber – and she accepted.f(x) Fandom Name: Me U f(x) Official Fan Color: – She was cast through a Beijing dance competition in September 2007. – Victoria starred in a Chinese Fantasy Drama called “Ice Fantasy” together with superstar Feng Shao Feng. Global Auditions in Los Angeles, California, held in 2007. She said, “I don’t think ‘yeonha’ (dating someone younger) is for me.– In 2010 appeared on the TV show We Got Married, where her “husband” was Nichkun of 2PM – For 24 years she thought her blood type was O and only recently realized her real blood type is A. – She is known for her incredible flexibly and often demonstrates it often on variety and reality shows. – She appeared in SHINee‘s “Replay” MV, in Super Junior‘s “U” MV, in Kangta‘s “In My Heart Someday” and “Breaka Shaka”MV and she also starred in TRAX‘s “Let You Go” and “Blind” MV – Victoria’s ideal type is someone who is taller than her. I’m not really into it.” according to actress Kim Ji Young while doing a radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School”.Briskly written and performed, the sitcom had fun spoofing Charlie Sheen's bad-boy reputation (which ultimately led to his exit from the series) and Jon Cryer's nervous energy.

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