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We have a new visualisation to share today, courtesy of the industrious and talented hooves of Ruxley (https://github.com/ruxley). We will leave it to you to explore, although of course we at are sure to reference this visualisation in future articles.

This is an interactive visualisation which lets you explore the popularity of the top furry species, and see how that popularity changes with biological sex, gender, and sexual orientation. As a starting point, we suggest that you compare heterosexuals to homosexuals… Be aware that the data becomes less reliable if you select a small dataset.

Soh concludes that the furry community is about much more than just sex and praises them for being so open and welcoming to a non-furry. Cantor, known for his research on paedophilia and transsexuality.

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D.h., wenn ein anderer User mit ähnlichem Nick den Chat betritt, bitten wir diesen zu ändern.

Deshalb können wir für diese fremden Inhalte auch keine Gewähr übernehmen.

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Curiously, there are big variations in the number of species chosen by each of our groups.

(This is why the data may behave oddly when you compare different groups.) Women choose many more species (2.0 per furry by sex; 1.9 by gender) than men (1.5 by sex; 1.4 by gender).

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So you can directly compare men with women, heterosexuals with homosexuals, or any combination with the wider furry community. There are a few interesting discoveries to be made, some surprising and others not-so-surprising.

You can set a baseline dataset, and compare this to any other dataset.

Wie im richtigen Leben, so gilt auch hier: alle Chatter behandeln sich rücksichtsvoll. kein Gerede über Sex, Drogen, Waffen etc., kein Cybersex 11. Nimm nicht absichtlich die Namen anderer User und verunstalte auch keine in irgendeiner Form 12. Für die Richtigkeit, Vollständigkeit und Aktualität der Inhalte können wir jedoch keine Gewähr übernehmen.


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