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According to the arrest affidavit, the victim's mother and Michels were good friends and the relationship was ironic, given that the boy's mother trusted Michels as a mentor and "the whole time she was having sex with him."Detectives built their case against Michels by using an individual she knew, but whose identity was redacted from the affidavit.

In a series of text messages and messages through MSN Live Messenger, the individual told Michels she could no longer attend the furry meetings."This wasn't any sort of punishment from him, it’s because you've been having sex with him that we can't have that going on at the furmeet," one of the messages said.

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According to the affidavit, "During the messaging between [the individual] and Michels, there were conversations exchanged about her having sex" with the teen, including on a few occasions, in her car.“This is a community of tens of thousands of people all over the country,” said Brandon Devito, owner of a Littleton café that will cater to anime fans and furries when it opens next week. When you go to a Star Trek conference, you see people wearing any number of different suits.

A fur is no more or less silly than a 40-year-old man who dresses up like a Klingon.”He said there is a small number of involved because they are sexually attracted to anthropomorphic creatures, but he said at a furry conference with 800 rooms, only 10 rooms may be involved with sexual interactions.“Very, very few of the people who are furries are involved in sexual act that connects to the furdom,” said Devito.

In the thirteen years I have owned this website, a lot of things have happened.

It has been mentioned in awful self-published books, as well as too many angry blogs written by nerds to count, the ancient dating site for overweight bohemians OKCupid, on TV shows, on radio, and in September 2006 a magazine called Computer Gaming World stole most of the website and re-printed it in their magazine verbatim without credit.

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