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After reading an extremely negative review of this, which COMPLETELY missed the point, I thought I'd write a far more 'accurate' review.

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It's right up there with Peter Jackson's early work and Evil Dead.

All the negative things the other reviewer was saying, the poor dialogue, and acting, the unrealistic effects, were deliberate, after all, the effects were done by highly skilled and trained effects people at WETA Workshops - who of course did Lord of The Rings.“At your age, you’re gonna be having a lot of urges.You’re gonna wanna take off your clothes and touch each other.It is a horror comedy packed with clichés and subtle allusions, and full of New Zealand humour, which i concede probably doesn't translate well internationally.NZ is primarily a farming nation, we're a huge exporter of lamb, Farming is a huge part of our culture, and this blends that with our history of offbeat, slightly dark, and idiosyncratic cinema.Most women consider the sexual nature of the rape secondary compared with the violence, fear, terror and threats to her life that are involved. They do not enjoy the experience or ask for it to happen.

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