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What this means to our users is that as of the next update to the chat software there will be no more scary false security warnings.

Not looking forward to it but need to find out why still getting burn. Her mother went to visit yesterday and she was fine for about 10 minutes and then was all over the place and not making much sense. I had a day recently that all day long I was dropping things..not end in disaster though..drip coffee on the carpet and had to spot clean which was not to bad. Not sure where Frances got to maybe travelling and forgot to let us know. Spent time playing cards on here for a while and ten went out to sit and relax in the sun. Sweet Dreams Maureen I like my bangs short and the shorter the better, they never cut them short enough for me, always tell me they'll be shorter when they dry Salsa, you can buy in the store also and is even good to put on potatoes instead of butter (boiled potatoes) Hello every one been raining in Ga and it was dry here so it was welcome , some one ask what salsa is it a bunch of stuff and I use to buy it but found I like my own better we use it for a dip most of the time sometimes I put it on other things mostly meat and that is the best I can do explaining it , Had rain and a bunch of thunder and lighting so just got my bath plan to crash and read hope all have a good evening see you tomorrow I could have sworn I wrote to say I am having problems with ads blocking my signing in. I cooked a great dinner and played around on the computer some and did some reading. We will be having some hot and humid days next week so will enjoy what we have right now. Table painted and now working on the checker board top... Wishing you all lots of smiles for a happy weekend...

DH has been going to son's pool to swim and I have 4 hours of peace. Hope as the day passed that you are feeling better. Slow day but will be busy for the rest of the weekend. Not sure how much time to get here for a day or two. I think I've fixed it and it is their glitch not a hacker. hope your microsoft call is not one of those spams. They call and say they see my computer is having problems and they want to fix it. Betty :) hope the dryer problems end soon Camey, interesting about your group Doris thanks for sharing, I was wondering what is salsa? I had a good day - went to library and picked up two books - then shopped and picked up mail on the way home where I bumped into a neighbour who's wife has Alzheimer's and is in a care centre.

Pee Dee Coalition is committed to the prevention of child abuse and offers several programs and services to help families learn about this problem and to support children in need of immediate assistance.

Child abuse is harm to or neglect of a child by another person, whether adult or another child.

I disagree that collections are the wrong tool for a chat.

It might be the wrong tool for a ephemeral, high-volume chat without the need for history, which Web RTC would be good for - but definitely not the wrong tool for all different types of chat. They are wrong as a flamethrower is the wrong tool to kill a fly.

We are pleased to announce the release of Disabilities-R-Us Chat Software v3.0.

To make your online chat experience safer and more enjoyable, we have developed our own custom Disabilities-R-Us Chat software.

If you're using Meteor and not it's collections then why use Meteor? You get the Meteor magic, it's easy to write and you get to keep chat history.

Would you still have one big collection and then have an array of userids to filter who can see what? You spend way more time implementing webrtc - saving text to collection is not expensive in any way.

They are entirely client side, they don't require a connection to the server. There are plenty of wrappers, check the exceptional work from Feross , or Peer JS Jumping in, what would be the best approach if you'd want to branch out and have a 1-1 but also a 1-many?


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