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You would think that making a choice between, say, saving one life and saving many lives would be simple.

You have to do what’s best for the house you serve, right?

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according to the website featuring the pop-up blocker download, it is a preview version and will expire on january 31, 2003. earthlink–along with msn–tends to target dissatisfied aol users.

[note: i saw an earthlink tv ad last night where a frustrated user kept closing pop-up windows and said, “7.0? ” – rob] earthlink hopes to attract some of these unhappy aol users with the new ad blocker.

Sheldon tells her that it was made by two of the most gifted film makers of our time, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

Sheldon has watched it 36 times except for the snakes and the face melting that he won't watch after dark.

After Sheldon and Amy watch an Indiana Jones movie together, she points out a plot flaw that ruins the movie for Sheldon who decides to plot some revenge.

After Leonard's mother publishes a book about his childhood problems, Leonard finds that he can manipulate Penny by making her feel sorry for him.

Half discussion forum and half picture rating site, Buddy Pic is the place to be if you’re in desperate need of attention.

Users are required to upload a photo of themselves before they can post, and most conversations come from people telling each other how attractive or ugly they are.

earthlink is planning on more frequent upgrades to its access software, aiming for two a year.

the last major upgrade to its access software was in 1999. earthlink is definitely targeting aol users with its release of an ad blocker in its access software.

This places the Forresters in an already precarious political situation, which in predictable Game of Thrones fashion, only gets worse.

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