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Ever get that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve missed an episode of your favourite show?

Don’t worry, you can catch up on tons of TV shows for free on Shaw On Demand—available with all Shaw TV packages.

For example, you definitely don’t want to hold a video conference call with your unmade bed in the background, or with your 2-year-old screaming about the poop in her diaper. If it has to be when my kids are awake, then I pop in a video in the other room for the kids (no need to conference with The Fresh Beat Band singing in the background).

Also, I tried to make the wall behind my desk as professional looking as possible — a corkboard with notes on it, a small piece of artwork, and a bookshelf are all it contains.

She finally zoomed out at the end of the call and I realized that, thankfully, she was wearing an off the shoulder, low-cut sweater. That’s the way to go if you spend most of your day in pajamas like I do. Before you videoconference, check your head This means your hair, your teeth, your face, your nose — anything you would check before a date or an interview.

Just be sure to change before you run out to the store. There is nothing worse than ending a video conference call and realizing you had this afternoon’s tuna sandwich still stuck in your teeth, or needed to blow your nose, or have a huge pen mark on your face.

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