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My name is SKRWD (pronounced like "screwed") and I'm a 22 years old producer from Germany.I've been listening to Hardstyle since 2009 and started producing one year after.

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According to Shelly Neill, "Introduced in 1974, the Spiral of Silence Theory [...] explores hypotheses to determine why some groups remain silent while others are more vocal in forums of public disclosure." The spiral of silence theory suggests that "people who have believed that they hold a minority viewpoint on a public issue will remain in the background where their communication will be restrained; those who believe that they hold a majority viewpoint will be more encouraged to speak." The theory explains the formation of social norms at both the micro and macro level.

"As a micro-theory, the spiral of silence examines opinion expression, controlling for people's predispositions – such as fear of isolation, and also demographic variables that have been shown to influence people's willingness to publicly express opinions on issues, such as agricultural biotechnology." As one opinion gains the interest of the majority, the minority faces threat and fear of isolation from society.

6 event, which took place in the Thuringian city of Gera and was sponsored by the right-wing extremist NPD party. Still, the initiative to outwit the neo-Nazis is unlikely to prompt immediate re-evaluation of their values, Wagner said. And when they consider leaving the scene at some point, they will remember us," he told the paper.

Exit Deutschland has been pleased with discussion the initiative prompted in online neo-Nazi forums, co-founder Bernd Wagner told daily Süddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday. The group's main goal was to reach young right-wing extremists "in a situation where they would hopefully be alone at home." A marketing expert in Hamburg, who wished to remain anonymous, came up with the idea together with his colleagues, the paper reported. Exit Deutschland was founded in 2000 by Wagner, a criminologist, together with Ingo Hasselbach, a former neo-Nazi leader.

Metalcore originated from Germany, differs bit from original metalcore sound.

Heaven shall burn and caliban being one of the first genres representives, later on such as Naera, Callejon, Machinemade God, Narziss and Maroon.But there was more to the tough-looking image than met the eye.Once the rightist rockers washed their new shirts, they were dismayed to find an entirely different message: "If your T-shirt can do it, so can you.The spiral model is an analogy used to visually describe the theory.The end of the spiral refers to the number of people who are not publicly expressing their opinions, due to the fear of isolation.We'll help to free you from right-wing extremism." The offer, complete with contact information, came from a group called Exit Deutschland, which helps people get out of the neo-Nazi scene.


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