Framemaker toc not updating

These topics introduce many DITA elements and provide basic examples of them in context.While not a definitive document with regards to DITA, this is a companion piece to our DITA tutorials books and provides background information that may be of use to you.DITA is an emerging specification that provides a cost-effective way to create, publish, reuse, and exchange structured information.

You can choose to Update page numbers only or Update entire table if you want to update the page numbers and the text.

To learn how to create a table of contents, see Create a table of contents.

For a faster way to create a table of contents, see Create a table of contents automatically.

The easiest way to create a table of contents is to use the built-in heading styles.

Of course inserting a line break can fix the problem – but only until the next generation of the TOC from the source paragraphs.

Hence the goal is to find a solution in the source paragraphs (headings).

We are providing a primer on the DITA specification.

We assume that you have a very basic familiarity with XML or HTML syntax.

The burning question is: if you break up your project into small documents, how can you ensure style consistency and proper page numbering among them? Most people think of a book as a collection of chapters bound together to act as a single document.

In In Design, a book is a collection of In Design documents on your disk or network that are loosely connected with each other via the Book panel.

The key information types include topic, concept, reference, and task.


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