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Every decision maker in the room for the initial shoot was hetero: actors Omid Abtahi and Mousa Kraish, and director David Slade. All of them were veterans of the screen trade and had been tasked with bringing to life one of the most tender and erotic sections of the Neil Gaiman novel upon which the Starz series is based.

In it, an Omani salesman and a djinn — one of a group of supernatural entities whose roots lie in pre-Islamic Middle Eastern spiritual traditions and who appear frequently in the Koran — make love in a New York City hotel room.

One episode revolves around a cam girl and her intimate relationship with one of her customers, whom she’s never met in real life.

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The conclusions of their study are peppered throughout the episodes and we quickly learn, like Lust says, that young adults (even children) are getting much of their information from pornography.

Almost 40 percent of teens have seen porn by the time they’re 14 years old.

Open up the Traffick Cam smartphone app, snap four photographs of the hotel room you’re staying at, note which hotel and room you’re in, and submit it. As for what you should photograph inside the room, Traffick Cam has given the following suggestions: “We recommend taking two pictures of the entire room from different locations, one picture of the bed from the foot of the bed, and one picture of the bathroom from the doorway.

Please make sure there are no people in your photos.” By submitting the photographs, you are releasing them under a Creative Commons CC0 license, effectively waiving your rights to the image.

Another centers on a pair of female erotic filmmakers and their efforts to try and challenge the pervasive, and often aggressive, male gaze in pornography.

In preparation of their series, the producers of worked with researchers at Indiana University, in affiliation with the Kinsey Institute, to gather stats from its first-of-its-kind study on the effects of porn use on relationships and socialization in teenagers and adults.

The six-episode series was produced by Rashida Jones, Jill Bauer, and Ronna Gradus, the team behind the original film, which initially followed a group of teenage girls entering the amateur porn business in Miami.

Here, they expand their focus from porn into all aspects of human sexuality online.

“When Michael and I first sat down and started talking about the adaptation, our first conversation was ‘Okay, without reading the book again, what are the things that you remember that stood out to you?

’” Fuller said at a recent press event for the show.

Mina Siegel, who emigrated from Iran to the US in 1973 to pursue her graduate studies, now leads an active retirement after a successful career, and lives in New York.

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