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Outside of the usual and already time-consuming date night prep (like, you know, shaving my legs...), I have to make sure that my kid is well-cared for while I'm out, since I'm not the only person at stake here.

Children can take a lot out of you mentally as well as physically, so if there is ever a child-free moment in time, I typically prefer to spend it laying braless on my couch, binging on Netflix shows and drinking copious amounts of wine.

Depending on the age of kids, pitfalls of dating a single mom may vary. Most women won't even leave alone a child over 12, usually until they are at least 15-16, and even then, not for the whole night. However, this also means if she is making an effort to see you, she considers you special.

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Your work schedule will probably come in the way of the time you can spend at home.

While this is normal, it can be real challenging to implement into your love life.

While I haven't been on a ton of dates (because, hello, when do I have time for that?!

Remember those carefree evenings when you would go out on a date and you'd be able to let the night linger on forever — even if the date was mediocre — because you had nothing else to do?

Don't listen to the assumptions and over opinionated bunch that associates single moms with the 'D' word - drama.

It's not true, single moms are great women who deserve a chance.

He may call or text when she is with you, or he may be at her house from time to time to pick up the children or discuss parental responsibilities. If you are dating someone who doesn't have children, showing up 15 minutes late for a date or causing her to be late getting back home would probably not be a huge deal.

However, if you are dating a single mom, when she tells you she must be home by ten o'clock, she's not joking.

In general, I find that women who have children are much more realistic and balanced in their approach to dating.

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