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In particular, if you need it, you can write functions that take other functions as argument -- and in case you wonder, yes, you need it. When you call a function you can use the argument names, without any regard to their order (this is very useful for functions that expect many arguments -- in particular arguments with default values).

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The string literal is preceded by the character set name, prefixed with an underscore character: ”, will continuously update rows, over and over, and give the impression that the server has hung.

Quirks like this can affect any data-changing DML operations, most often when the selection conditions involve a subquery.

It was non-standard behaviour that was fixed in version 2.5.

To maintain compatibility with legacy code, the configuration file UPDATE People SET firstname = 'Boris' WHERE lastname = 'Johnson'; UPDATE employee e SET salary = salary * 1.05 WHERE EXISTS( SELECT * FROM employee_project ep WHERE e.emp_no = ep.emp_no); UPDATE addresses SET city = 'Saint Petersburg', citycode = 'PET' WHERE city = 'Leningrad' UPDATE employees SET salary = 2.5 * salary WHERE title = 'CEO' For string literals with which the parser needs help to interpret the character set of the data, the introducer syntax may be used.

The UPDATE statement is used to modify one or several pre-existing records in a database table.

UPDATE statements are only possible on single tables.


Column1 as NULL for all records that do not exist in Table2. Your need is not very clear since you did not mention how Table1 and Table2 are linked other than Column2, so I´ll assume that such column is the joining one.

(Well, if you really want, you can: see the "Dirty Tricks" part -- but you should not).


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