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Callie could still smell Arizona's arousal all over her fingers and it was making her head spin she wanted Arizona so bad. Arizona sat down on the bed and leaned back on her hands. Callie walked over to her slowly and stood right in front of her.

She wasn't sure she was ready to date, but…she needed to move on.

She had to admit to herself that Callie was moving on and that she needed to do the same.

To hear showrunner Shonda Rhimes tell it, the beloved characters journey in the second half of season 11 will be to figure out who they are as individuals now — and where their love for one another goes.

"It's lovely to get to know Arizona not as somebody in a relationship with Callie, and as this person who has come through this relationship with Callie and who she is now," Rhimes tells is now." Read more ' Grey's Anatomy's' Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw on Callie and Arizona's Devastating Decision The Oct.

Her nipples where already hard and Arizona had the impending urge to put them in her mouth but she was going to wait. Arizona started kissing, sucking, and nibbling on Callie's neck. All Callie heard were straps and something metal jingling. "I think you know the answer to that baby.", Arizona said as she ran the toy through Callie's slick folds. Arizona struck Callie's ass with her hand and then gently kneaded the area. Arizona slowly slid the toy into Callie's tight whole. "That's not how we're going to do it." Arizona said dominantly. Both girls were shaking and Arizona didn't even know how she was standing.

"We're gonna try something different tonight baby. Arizona returned and Callie soon found out what she grabbed. Callie moaned as the toy filled every bit of her the sensation was amazing. The room was filled with the noise of the wet toy being plunged back inside Callie over and over again. ", Callie pleaded Arizona grabbed Callie's hips and started plunging into her even harder. Arizona lifted Callie off the desk and carried her to the bathroom door. She rested for moment and then carried Callie to the bed. They both got under the covers and cuddled into each other. "I love you.", Arizona said honestly " I love you too, Arizona." Arizona put her head on Callie's chest and soon the two girls were fast asleep.

But Meredith and I fixed you all up so you should be fine now :)" but then Callie said " We need to know if there is anyone we could call so they can come and be here with you." Then Arizona looked at Callie and said "I have no body. Then Callie went right back to Arizona's room and said " You get to go home today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Then Callie looked at Arizona and just stared laughing! " Then Callie said " You'll see :) just sit there and don't talk till we get there :)." Then Arizona said but...Callie said "no buts just sit there and look at the beautiful scenery ;)" so finally they got to the place they were going to! There's no way on this planet that I'm eating here for out first date like are you out of your mind? Fine I guess I will have to eat here even though for a first I find this very crazy! And when I first saw you I thought to myself "oh no!

" Then Arizona looked up at Callie and said " you know what that means :)!! But then Arizona says " T-this is the fanciest restaurant in town! So Callie said " you will eat here for our first date! " I mean come on just let me take you to a fancy restaurant for our first date! " So then they got in and it was a candle lit dinner! Like what kind of girl does this for her girlfriend on her first date? I got a super crazy doctor and she's gonna be like this weird and out going person! Your super calm and your nice and your also really pretty and I'm super glad we met!

Then Arizona looked at Callie and said " seriously? " Then Callie said " this girl :) haha" so then they got seated and then Callie said " You know I first saw you laying in your hospital bed and I thought to myself " this women looks crazy and weird and like out there! Your actually super nice and funny and your not loud and your actually quite quiet !! " So by then their food was there and so they ate their food and when they were done Callie said " Would you like me to take you back to your house?

" And Arizona said " I don't have a house...." Then Callie said "then where do you live? " Then Arizona said " I was living with my friend and she let me use her car..." Then Callie said " so you do have someone I could have called?

So It was a normal day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital but that changed for Calliope Torres when a women came into the hospital with very bad Injuries they ranged from dislocated hip to a very bad brain injury so off Callie Torres and Meredith Grey were to get into the OR as fast as they could!

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