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Beans on the other hand, may make you fart a lot but they aren't usually the smelly kind.

The sound of a fart is caused by the vibrations of the anal opening.

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So if your best friend has a broccoli and cabbage salad for lunch with an apple for recess and a big glass of milk - Don't sit too close on the bus ride home.

About a week ago I was training at my academy Palm.

Farting, also known as flatulence, is the act of passing intestinal gas from the anus. Have you heard that saying: "Whoever smelt it, dealt it?

Intestinal gas comes from several sources: air we swallow, gas that seeps into our intestines from our blood, gas produced by chemical reactions in our guts, and gas produced by bacteria living in our guts. " A fart smells the same to the person who delivered it and to the person smelling it.

They are an olofactory atrocity, the hang time on those is just incredible. pineapple helps break things down, but I don't know how much it helps in terms of absorbing.

I farted in an elevator the day after about ten pints of Guinness. Originally posted by Happy Scrappy I used to guage my protein intake by my farts.

Virtual Reality may be filling our eyes and ears right now, but Ubisoft has taken things a step further by creating a Nosulus Rift - a mask that pipes the smell of farts into your nose as you create them in South Park: the Fractured But Whole. This actual, genuine, no-fooling real bit of tech will be travelling to Cologne in time for Gamescom, where at least one person from the IGN team will be forced to use it. Whoever gets the honour, they'll likely end up smelling more than they bargained for.

As producer Jason Schroeder puts it, "one of your special abilities [as hero, the New Kid] is really the power of your ass." That's borne out by our E3 preview of The Fractured But Whole, which included "more fart sound effects in 20 minutes than I've ever heard in any other video game." You can read more on the Nosulus Rift website, but rest assured that we'll have a full review of the tech for you next week, right after we're done vomiting.

(Or as my grandma, who lets “FUCK”s fly with abandon but considers “fart” to be the true, unspeakable f-word, would call it, “passed air.”) But I was either sleeping (and promptly woke up and froze, hoping the involuntary outburst hadn’t disturbed him) or drunk (what lactose intolerant, red-blooded American can resist cheese curds at a Wisconsin wedding? I just assumed that, at some point, I’d feel comfortable enough in our relationship to accept that he was going to see the real me—farts and all.


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  2. Mit ein bisschen mehr Farbe lässt es sich doch viel besser chatten. Neben vielen Farben kannst du sogar noch deine Schriftgröße und deinen eigenen Stil einbringen.

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