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When his girl picks up the phone, the man says: “Hi, do you want to play this game? ”The woman quickly hangs up the phone before the marine turns to the camera looking red-faced from the brief encounter.He attempts to call again but is unsuccessful, telling his pal filming: “Whatever, plenty more fish in the sea.” Unfortunately, viewers have been less than sympathetic to his efforts to shock his now former flame.“This is so cringe, you tried calling her back and she blew you off? Earlier this week an outrageous video caught the moment a fuming wife caught her hubby cheating as part of a cunning hidden camera test.The lad had been tipped off that his girlfriend was seeing other men behind his back while he took part in a training camp for the US Marine Corps.“My girlfriend has decided to play behind my back and talk to other guys while I’m gone," he says to the camera.“I’ve been gone for about a month over here, in training for the marines and she thinks it’s ok to play behind me.”So the lad took drastic steps and set up a fake Facebook account to catfish his own girlfriend.

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It was a full shutdown and then she writes a song about me.'Katy concluded that 'karma' will prevail.

The feud became public knowledge after Taylor wrote Bad Blood and told Rolling Stone magazine in 2014 that it was about a fellow pop singer.

I think we need to unite more than ever.'Katy insisted that it 'doesn't matter where you come from, don't matter what you believe, don't matter which music you like the most, we are the same and we need to be unified.'While fans have said that Katy's new song Swish Swish is throwing shade to Taylor, she said it's a song about her 'winning' and 'being above that c**p.' During the Late Late Show Primetime special, Katy said that she tried to end the rivalry.

Stage life: Katy insisted that it 'doesn't matter where you come from, don't matter what you believe, don't matter which music you like the most, we are the same and we need to be unified;' seen on May 13 at Wango Tango in Carson, CAThe California Girls singer said: 'There's a situation.

She was forced to watch as her husband was caught with another woman – who actually turned out to be a man.

The music superstar made one cancer patient's dream come true when, after a campaign started by her family and friends caught Bey's attention, she Face Timed the Houston-based teen with a special message.The latest addition to this ever-growing collection? She told James Corden on Monday that she thinks Taylor Swift started the feud, and 'it's time for her to finish it.'And Katy Perry says she's 'ready' to bury the hatchet during her interview on Sirius XM's Morning Mash Up on Tuesday.Honestly, it's really like she started it, and it's time for her to finish it.'Adding that she 'tried to talk to her' but Taylor 'wouldn't speak to me...I do the right think any time that it feels like a fumble.“On Friday, January 27, the suspect approached her and a friend at her child’s school at around a.m. He said, ‘I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned.’” Hoppy denies the charges.


  1. A Blue Card is a Queensland Government screening system used to determine if someone is eligible to work with children, based on their criminal history.

  2. If you have a mobile device, you can record videos with your phone's camera and upload them with the You Tube app.

  3. And it looks like he might be doing it as a duet with Kristin Chenoweth." further reports that other guests included AJ Mc Lean of the Backstreet Boys as well as reality stars including Lisa Vanderpump, Cheryl Burke, Carmen Electra, and Kris Jenner. on February 5 as a 90-minute special titled ."The whole wedding itself is very classy, you know.

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