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The government of Burma released over 60 children from its ranks just last Friday and there are continued new reports of children being recruited by the national armed forces Human Rights Watch has documented recruitment of children by militia units in Iraq throughout 2016.

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US State Department has dropped Iraq and Myanmar from a child soldiers’ blacklist in its annual people trafficking report, despite multiple reports of continuous usage of children in armies and militias, and human rights activists’ outcry.

The annual Trafficking in Persons Report unveiled by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and senior president’s advisor and daughter Ivanka Trump on Tuesday, left out Iraq and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) off the Child Soldiers Prevention Act List.“By leaving out Burma and Iraq, the State Department is denying facts on the ground.

Afghanistan has previously evaded the watch list, despite reports on alleged child recruitment by the Afghan Local Police militia to fight against the Taliban.

Rwanda was also dropped from the list, while Mali was added to it.

With ancient temples, untouched tribal areas, some of the world’s friendliest people, dirt cheap beer and pristine mountains, Myanmar is backpacking gold…

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