Exchange 2016 offline address list not updating

Offline address book is used by Office Outlook so that users can locate contact information even when they are not connected to the server.

Offline address book works when the Outlook client is configured in cache mode or when it is in offline mode.

We have split-DNS where internal users hit internal DNS server and external (Internet) users hit external DNS (example Go Daddy DNS) servers.

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Then, the offline address book is rolled out by OAB virtual directory.

So make sure the internal and external URL for OAB and Autodiscover virtual directory is configured properly.

After installing and configuring Exchange 2016, setting up URLs is another important step.

Exchange 2016 use IIS web virtual directories to provide various Exchange services.

Just in case you’re wondering, Microsoft does not support upgrading the OS once Exchange has been installed so your only option is to uninstall Exchange, install the correct OS, and then reinstall Exchange or build a new server with the correct OS.

After you’ve got the correct OS, you’ll want to install the most current updates. DAGs need to replicate and clients need to connect, so it’s only natural that you’d need two NICs to create a DAG.

In a later post I will be covering how to make your Exchange 2013 Mailbox role deployment site resilient by adding additional nodes in a remote location.

If you’re still with me, buckle your seatbelt and keep your hands inside the cabin at all times.

By default, an offline address book is created by Exchange server and includes all the GAL (Global Address Lists).

You can create address lists in Exchange 2013 using EAC (Exchange Administration Center), but to create and manage offline address book you must use EMS (Exchange Management Shell).

Before you start URL configuration, you need to plan what domain names you will use to access Exchange services from inside the network and from the Internet.


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