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In the central zone, the sediments were mainly composed of carbonate transported from the southern area and showed elevated mass accumulation rates (MAR, 0.11–0.23 g cm) and thinner SML (7–8 cm).In both areas, the long sediment mixing times in the SMLs (of 45–61 years) smoothed out the sedimentary records.Por el momento mis Long-fics están en fase de borrador, ya que no quiero publicar una historia la cual sigo escribiendo, a temor de quedarme estancada y no saber cómo terminarla, que al final no me guste o quede en hiatus.

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He decidido compartir mis historias Sasusaku por el hecho de que hay muchísimo material de esta pareja, pero en inglés, y muy poco en español.

está compuesto por siete familias cuyas relaciones filogenéticas se conocen bien desde hace un tiempo.

Sedimentation and mixing processes over the past 100 years in coastal marine sediments4.

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The listing which appears here is necessarily incomplete, however it contains notable sites drawn from several large and ongoing surveys, such as the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions (CMHI) and other sources (see References).

Maya sites which are known to have been among the largest and most influential polities through the various eras of Maya history —Formative (or Preclassic), Classic and Postclassic— and/or which have left the most impressive archaeological remains include: Becan was a major city in the Yucatán Peninsula.

La berberina, de presencia común en este orden, es sintetizada por la vía de la tirosina.


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  4. - At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Scientists dated dinosaur bones using the Carbon dating method.

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  6. If classification of students’ learning styles has practical utility, it remains to be demonstrated.” That quote is from Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence, an examination of learning style research.

  7. Lear founded and now leads the British Columbia Alliance for Telehealth Policy and Research, a team of university-based researchers and health authority decision-makers, to develop and evaluate Internet-based solutions for chronic disease management. Lear leads the Multi-cultural Community Health Assessment Trial (M-CHAT) which is an ongoing investigation to identify the role of ethnic background in risk for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lear’s research consists of the identification of environmental characteristics (the so-called ‘built environment’) that may act as facilitators and barriers of healthy lifestyle habits and downstream cardiovascular disease risk.

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