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If the baby gets one X and one Y, it will develop into a boy.

There are occasional exceptions to this rule: the process of meiosis which makes the sex cells can go wrong.

This results in an individual having 3 X chromosomes, or 2 Y chromosomes or XXY instead of XY.

The dating game requires enough guesswork without the added complication of a language barrier.

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The term was used from earliest times without distinction for all the Germanic invaders -- Angles, Saxon, Jutes (Bede's ) -- and applied to their group of related languages by Alfred the Great.

After 1066, of the population of England (as distinguished from Normans and French), a distinction which lasted only about a generation.

Tests and tips on reading and fun topics like sports, movies and music for building vocabulary.

ESL podcasts for listening plus spelling and pronunciation rules and games. ESL is used when people learn English in an English speaking country. But there are some important technical considerations for teachers.Sex is used by plants and animals, and also by fungi and various single-celled organisms. A woman's ovum (egg cell) contains one X chromosome.It usually needs two individuals which are different sexes from the same species. A man's sperm contains either an X or a Y chromosome.It works by combining genes from more than one source. When a sperm and ova combine to form a fertilised egg, the baby may get either of these chromosomes from its father.If the baby gets two X chromosomes, it will develop into a girl.As an adjective, "of or belonging to England," from late 13c.

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