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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The murder trial of Aventura-developer Adam Kaufman took another twist Thursday when Judge Browyn Miller dealt a potentially devastating blow to the defense team, but in the end, it seemed to have blown up in the prosecution’s face.Kaufman is standing trial for the murder of his wife Lina in 2007.

Cosimo was the first of the Medici to govern Florence as an appointed ruler, a title given to him by Emperor Charles V.

Throughout his rule, Cosimo exploited images to attempt to persuade his subjects with visual evidence of his legitimacy as leader of the new court.

Her father, an amateur cellist, was a descendant of Moses Mendelssohn, of whose line the famous composer, Felix Mendelssohn was a part.

Robert and his brother Franz controlled the Mendelssohn Bank during the early decades of the 20th century. Mendelssohn was named for the celebrated actress, Eleanora Duse, and like her namesake became an actress herself, despite her parents' objections.

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The Artist The absolute cliché when it comes to dating in Berlin! Meet up with this one if you wanna listen to a long monologue about Film Noir, name-dropping of people he knows in the business and art gallery openings.

Prosecutors have likened the romantic relationship to Casey Anthony’s partying behavior after her daughter, Caylee, went missing.

Anthony, of course, was found not guilty in her daughter’s death.

Defense attorneys called the testimony “inflammatory and prejudicial,” saying Kaufman’s behavior following his wife’s death with a woman he had never met was irrelevant to whether he murdered Lina.


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