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The scientists, led by grad student Chris Templeton of University of Washington, discovered that juvenile Song Sparrows are more interested in listening to two adult male Song Sparrows sing at each other than in listening to just one.That’s an exciting finding, because it suggests that the young birds don’t just mimic the sounds of a single adult.

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They listen to the way the two birds trade song phrases and types back and forth, perhaps learning the appropriate context for each phrase, or at least learning which song types are the most common in their neighborhood. They set up experiments in a large, wild park in Seattle.

Since they weren’t working with caged birds, they attached tiny radio-transmitters to 11 juvenile Song Sparrows so they could keep tabs on their whereabouts.

Although the resident may not be competent to consent to matters concerning their care and financial arrangements, competence is not a black-and-white issue.

The patient still may be able to decide whether a video camera can be used even if that individual is not competent to make all of his or her own decisions.

But it’s not the banning of surreptitious recording that is bothering critics of the new bill.

It is the banning of nonconsensual recordings of people, including police, in instances where they would have an expectation of privacy.While the bill allows for the recording of public officials in areas where they have no expectation of privacy, the bill forbids the surreptitiously recording of public officials, even if they do not have an expectation of privacy.In that regard, the law would be no different than Massachusetts’ wiretapping law, which became the strictest wiretapping law in the country after Illinois was stripped of that honor this year in a lengthy battle that cost the taxpayers more than 0,000 – thanks to overzealous Cook County State Attorney Anita Alvarez who fought tooth-and-nail to keep the unconstitutional law in the books.Birdsong fascinates scientists because it’s varied, beautiful, complicated—and because many birds learn songs in a way similar to how humans learn language.Studying the way young birds acquire their songs might allow us to solve problems with the way children develop language.The ACLU spent years in repeated lawsuits to ensure that would not be the case.

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