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We asked a few ladies who have experienced the Californian dating life to shed more light on why finding a decent guy in their state is rough.1.Most Of The Men Only Have One Type"Well, the guys are looking for pretty, thin, white blond girls..perfect bodies..no brains," said Joanne G., 58.Odds are you graduated from a great college and live out that "work hard, play hard" cliché. You probably live in a hoodie and realize that work and money aren't the only things in the world.

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It was the night of Halloween 2009, when three teenagers out trick-or-treating were forced into a gold Chrysler by an unknown man carrying what appeared to be a gun.

The girls had no idea that the gun was fake, or what the man had in store for them next.

It would be two years before investigators would nab the perp, but as detectives later learned, the events that transpired that Halloween night would end the spree of a serial rapist.

A trail of DNA was able to pin the man, identified as Aaron Thomas, to 13 rapes along the east coast dating back to 1997.

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