Drupal rss feed not updating

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Hello, I have a site with 3 languages and I created 3 similar feeds with the views module, all of them seem to display right when preview while creating the feed, but I do not why it only displays properly the ..../for the main language.

This is (.../es/rss.xml) does not show any content.

Drupal 8 uses a display type (feed) in views to provide feed pages, like the /feed link.

This view does not use the rss form settings located in admin/config/services/rss-publishing, which is confusing for users.

There is an issue in progress to remove the admin/config/services/rss-publishing form from D8 core: For more specific configurations, contrib modules like Views RSS may be used.

In Drupal 7, core node module provides basic RSS publishing for content. By default, the RSS feed will take the 10 most recently created pieces of content promoted to the front page and respect node access grants to ensure that users only see RSS feed items they are eligible to see.

Hi, same here, content in the feed display in English but not in German on a bi-lingual website where German is the default language.

It used to work previously, so I'm looking at the updates I did recently.

A partial workaround is to rebuild the default RSS feed using fields and strip HTML from the field assigned to the element.


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