Drew van acker dating

In June 2011, it was announced he had joined the cast of Pretty Little Liars for the second season to replace Parker Bagley, who played Jason Di Laurentis during the first season.

With the height of 6 ft and dynamic personality, there is no second thought that Drew Van Acker could be single.

That might be the reason; his fan has always spread the news of his link ups and all.

The couple has shared enough pictures of them together which can enlighten the fact of them dating.

Drew Van Ackers has shared many pictures of his girl.

Drew was determined to become an astronaut when he was small but less did he know about what he was to become.

Van Acker was highly interested in martial arts and played soccer when he was a kid, thus possessing his athletic body.Van Acker's acting credits include Castle and ABC Family's Greek as well co-starring in the The series The Lake.In 2010, Van Acker starred in the short-lived Cartoon Network live-action series Tower Prep.We have to be honest, we were a little confused while watching the first episode...That's kind of the point, Ian doesn't know what's happening to him when he winds up at Tower Prep.But in actuality what is the position of his relationship status?


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