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Draya eventually dumped Erica, and our source says the split was so ugly that Mena is now shook to be in the same place as her infamous ex. Of course none of this should come as a surprise since Draya is now openly flaunting her bi-ways with her line of Fine A*s Girls beanies, which come with the convenient acronym F.

Read More Apparently this actor has not learned from his last bearding attempt when our favorite Disney actress humiliated him.

The 31-year-old "Basketball Wives" star was in Miami Beach over… We got this pic (left) of Draya wrapped around fiance Orlando Scandrick in Cancun.

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Read More You might see some news about our married favorite doesn’t want to be initialed rapper any longer today. Read More A lawsuit about to be filed against this former tweener actress turned adult addict singer is troublesome for the singer.

He isn’t interested in the celebrity to whom he has been linked. Not so much about liability, but because there is the possibility of depositions being taken…

Here, the 29-year-old stunner spills to Us Weekly 25 things you may not know about her. I tell the baristas at Starbucks that my name is Nicole.

I grew up listening to her, I know every word to all of her songs and I'd been to two of her concerts.

I have a phobia of electrical sockets…I once got shocked by the vacuum.

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and eat cookies in my sleep. I have a patch of gray hairs in the front of my head that I refuse to dye. Outside of her notoriety on “Basketball Wives LA”, Draya is known for her brief time dating singer Chris Brown as well as being close to the singer’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Her and I are friends, more than him and I are friends. So like, we’re cool.” Dating Brown can’t be the easiest of tasks given the constant speculation of him and his ex Rihanna possibly rekindling their old flame but Draya insists that Karrueche takes everything in stride.But as far as any rumors of a possible threesome taking place, Draya was quick to dismiss such talk. “Well if you know Karrueche, and you know how they run their relationship, you could tell she is not an insecure person,” Draya insisted.He last spoke to her when he called her after getting off the bus.She said she was at a tanning salon and would be home soon.Model/Singer Erica Mena (“Love & Hip-Hop: New York”) has been bragging about her previous girl lovin’ relationship with Draya Michele, sources close to the model told BOSSIP exclusively.

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