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If BIND is your master, you could use BIND’s statistics server and, as Tony points out in the comments below, Paul Vixie’s metazones solve the “transport” of a zone list as well.Other typical ways include writing a small program to slurp through the provisioning system, dump a list of zones, etc.

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RFC compliant dynamic DNS (not DDNS based on external updates like a HTTP channel) can be complicated to troubleshoot.

Below is a simplified description of the dynamic update process with information of common issues in each step that can lead to a dynamic DNS update failure.

It is very important when troubleshooting dynamic updates on Unix BIND or MS DNS Servers to have DNS logging enabled, esp.

to see the Update, Notify and Zonetransfer pakets in the logs.

DNS zones are typically served by more than one server.

One of these is called the master or primary and the ‘copies’ are called slave or secondary servers.

I'm having problem with updating slaves after making changes on master. After I type manually on the master server: # pdns_control notify-host domain host then of course, it's get updated.

After updating master slave, there should be probably some setting/option to notify all slaves that there is some update OR on slave I must set something to contact master and ask him "Hey, does domain XY have some changes?

Unless you are using Power DNS with My SQL or Postgre SQL replication (which is off topic for this discussion) this is a procedure that is normally done manually.


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