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Tell us how much memory you need and get started for free instantly.Add capacity later as you need it.follow @Mem Cachier on twitter Memcache is a technology that helps web apps and mobile app backends in two main ways: performance and scalability.

These request have a waiting time of 18-19secs (using the debugsever,nginx times out and responds 500)Using django-toolbar I can see that my index uses ~600ms cpu time but thetwo sql queries I'm using only takes 16.84ms in total.

So what can it be that creates this huge cpu usage as static access is fast(meaning the SD isn't the problem) and the sql queries is fast.

This uses a Python data stack of Num Py, Sci Py and Pandas, so it takes a loooong time to install.

Mem Cachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so you can focus on your app.

We'll walk through the steps, but the final product is mostly already baked, just waiting in the oven.

To demonstrate, here's Julia Child dancing with a turkey: If you're on a classroom-provided computer, or have already installed the requirements, skip down to Database setup.

A.'s data portal on response times to complaints filed to the Department of Building and Safety.

We used this data to publish a story on the varying response times to DBS complaints throughout the city, including especially slow response times on the East side of L. We'll learn how to: That's a lot of ground to cover in 60 minutes, so this will be like a cooking show.

I'm running nginx witch django and gunicorn on my Pi and dynamic content is served very slowly.


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