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"You've got mutual friends, you see photos of them with your friends, and you think, 'Hey, this person might be nice, I could consider going on a date with him," says 23-year-old advertising account executive Komal Shah, who is going on a blind date next week.

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Ricardo Hernandez wrote on Facebook: 'Already we have gone back to brothels and prostitution in Cuba in this age - wow.

Where are the parents and the school principal and what moral principles are they teaching in that school?

As Valentine's Day approaches, Kasmin Fernandes lists the unwritten laws of the new dating game.

The times, they are a-changing — and so is the art of the biggest game of your life.

The urge to speak up was stronger than ever before. For a mind in constant denial, everything remains hazy.

Left to myself the whole day, my favourite time-pass was dressing up as a girl. As I grew up, I increasingly got worried people might find out that I am more comfortable with girls as friends. Probably, my friend and her parents were worried too, only that their concern most likely was her closeness to a boy. Around seventh grade I also started feeling attraction to the male body. As part of festivals, when my father and brother burst crackers in front of our house, my sister and I hid inside the house. I did not shave my moustache, even though I strongly wished to. I kept a distance from people who were known to be homosexuals. When I look back, now I know the fear was of myself. One such was a disastrous relationship I had with a cousin brother two years elder to me.

There are other aspects to the complicated issue of human mixology, too– one of my dearest friends is finally in a blissful relationship. After being repeatedly rejected by Desi guys for her tan skin and curves, she has given up on making her parents’ dreams of an Indian son-in-law come true.

” I didn’t really make peace with any of this until I met an adorable white guy who confessed that he liked me…only to hear me gracefully blurt out that I date brown boys. The epiphany I had at that moment, while staring in to wounded blue eyes and rapidly batting blonde lashes, brought me closure and a bit of enlightenment; duh, no one has to justify whom they are attracted to, but hopefully they are acting out of their purest feelings– we can’t help whom we fall for, but we call ourselves out if we’re nursing some bizarre colonial hangover or other therapy-requiring-issue (full disclosure: I have a family member who ONLY dates white guys, because they are the polar opposite of her strict, very Desi Dad).

On 11/12/13, when the Supreme Court’s order recriminalising homosexuality flashed on TVs, I felt a cold sweat. But I had no difficulty hiding it from my colleagues in the newsroom. Yesterday the Supreme Court rejected the review petition as well. It has been a remorse-filled 12 years, traversing two entirely different worlds – one fake and the other original but secret. I did not enjoy the company of other kids, unless they were girls. I particularly remember one incident that happened when I was four or five. I learned to hide my likes and dislikes in order to adjust to the society’s norms. In my home state, a clean shaven face is considered feminine. I was keeping a distance not from others, but from myself. That happened during my college days and went on for more than 10 years until I broke up. I couldn’t concentrate in my studies and mostly flunked the classes. For many years after I broke up, the guilt continued to haunt me, until one of the foremost sexperts in the country told me such relationships—between cousins, brothers etc—are commonplace everywhere, including in Indian families. I remained there forever, jealously ogling at the celebration of life, the happiness that flowed, around me.

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