Deeper dating experience

Repeatedly think kind and compassionate thoughts and your brain becomes better at creating kindness and compassion.

Think anxious, fearful, or angry thoughts, though, and your brain will become better at being anxious, fearful, and angry.

As you seek to grow in this area, this download will help guide you.

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It’s based upon revealing who we really are and then choosing people in their late 40s, 50s and older because at this stage of life, we are much less willing to waste our time in the pursuit of unhealthy relationships.

The bottom line is, this soulless approach doesn't lead to love. There is a wiser path to finding love, though, one that’s not based on game-playing or cosmetic change.

Yet in our 20s, 30s and even our early 40s, most of us weren’t ready to listen. But as we enter midlife, the idea of building sustainable and sustaining love becomes more compelling than ever. Try Cooking Together First) 4 Steps to Finding Lasting Love 1.

Give up on your “attractions of deprivation.” It’s easy to become attracted to people who can commit — who treat us wonderfully then demean or ignore us.

but it’s actually cutting edge science of the new millennium—and an example of how, by changing your brain—and taking advantage of your brain’s natural plasticity—you really can… Luckily, this can be changed–and often quite easily. Because of your brain’s neuroplasticity–its ability to change in response to any repeated stimuli, thought, sensory impression, movement, or action.

Your brain determines your personality, motivation, confidence, persistence, happiness, inner peace–and your ability to love and be loved… We all have brain areas that aren’t working optimally.

Whether you’re just getting back into the dating game or have been at it for a while, you’ve probably experienced some of the anxiety that comes with the search for true love. And you’ll be pleased to know that none of them relates to your age, hairline or waist size.

But much of that is the unnecessary byproduct of how we’ve been conditioned to approach our dating life. We’ve been handed a defective map of the path to love! What are single people constantly encouraged to do? We’ve all heard some version of these ideas before.

a TV show, it’s an impeccably curated moving art exhibition.

The clothes — stylish without pretension — give off a retro vibe without succumbing to ’80s-dad hipsterism and the soundtrack effortlessly blends the familiar and forgotten with the fresh and obscure. But there’s one area in which some feel consistently fails.

Yet all those exhortations to “improve” ultimately erode whatever confidence we may have started with.


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